Newly Endorsed Amedia Cymbal Artist Kathy Steahle started playing drums at the age of eleven. Kathy was a member of the Guilford Connecticut High School Orchestra, Theater, Jazz, Concert and Marching band — Under the direction of the late Ned Tarantino.

Kathy Steahle

While playing in the High School Jazz band, Kathy also played with several cover bands playing Metal, Rock, Punk etc.

After graduation Kathy attended Western Connecticut State University and studied with Dave Smith.

Kathy is an accomplished and diverse player. She has performed with multiple bands such as: Euclid’s Bakery, Milk of Wonder, Puss in Boots, REVOL, MILK, Quest of the Moon Breed, Sisterfunk, Run Jenny and If Not For Dreaming.

Her most memorable performance was playing at the Vatican in Italy for Pope John Paul with Ed Perez and Our Lady of Assumption.

She has opened up for such National Acts as: Joan Jett, NRBQ, The Ramones, Taylor Dayne, Crystal Waters, Bethany Yarrow, B52s, Foreigner and UH HUH HER.

Kathy is currently studying with Greg Trabandt, Killer Karl and Willie Parker from RVP Studios in Connecticut.  Kathy has worked and requested lessons from Artists such as Rich Redmond (Jason Aldean), Marc Schulman (Pink, Cher and etc), Shawn Pelton ( SNL and Cheryl Crow), Jim Rielly ( Rascal Flatts), Glen Sobal (Alice Cooper), Kenny Arnoff (John Cougar Melloncamp) and continues to thrive to learn more.

Never a dull moment.  When she isn’t working with her bands she plays with multiple artists that she loves to play with and totally inspire her to take a different in her approach to drumming and percussion.  Shelly Fairchild, Dawnie Love, Mary O’Hare etc.

She can be seen touring with Sisterfunk and All original bands Run Jenny and If not for Dreaming.

Keep an eye open for record releases from Run Jenny in 2016.